Coaching Success Stories

"You leave each session feeling empowered
and confident that “you can do this.”

If you need an individual to help you put your life back on track or hone in on an area of your life that is lacking, look no further.  Heather Cosimini has the expertise to do just that and even more as you work with her on a consistent basis.  During your conversation with her, she may lead you into a subject matter that you are unaware that needed attention. Heather allows the flow of conversation happen organically, but rest assured there is always a plan that follows after your call.  Heather allows you to create ideas of how to overcome road blocks or set feasible and manageable goals. You set the pace and boundaries. You leave each session feeling empowered and confident that "you can do this."  It is a collaborative effort that is supportive and reassuring.  

Heather’s level of proficiency is unparalleled to others in the same profession. She has a vast background where she was schooled in psychology and higher education, and has life experiences that allow her to empathize, understand your weaknesses and make you feel like you are not alone in anything you throw her way.

At the onset of our coaching relationship, she was able to help with revising my resume and redo my cover letter. During these past sessions we were able to focus on effective communication and strengthening my relationships.  

I highly recommend Heather Cosimini as a professional life coach.

Ellen N.

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Kaylene L.

Heather has been coaching me for over 4 months and I highly recommend her coaching service. Her powerful intuitive questions have helped me to breakthrough my limiting beliefs and see the future that I dreamed of. Heather provides a safe space to explore my goals and to identify a way forward. She brings out the best in me and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with Heather. Best investment I have made, is to engage Heather as my Life Coach.


Moira W.

Heather created a nurturing, safe space that allowed me to clarify my personal goals. Her thoughtful, motivational inquiry inspired me to continue on my journey of personal development. Heather’s background in psychology and teaching have enhanced her natural talent for inspiring people to pursue their goals. Her insightful, positive approach has motivated me to stay on a path of health and wellness. If you are truly interested in self improvement… I highly recommend that you choose Heather to be your guide.

Dr. L.

Heather is an absolutely phenomenal coach! Heather has been my coach for over a year. Her coaching structure and style have helped me to determine what is really important in my life, which allowed me to focus my attention on achieving my goals. 2019 was an incredibly successful year for myself and my family. I am still impressed with how quickly Heather was able to coach me to complete my goals in an expedited manner! She is amazing, genuine and worth the investment that you make to become all that you can be!!



Heather is a brilliant coach. She really listens to your feelings and helps you find the solutions to any problems you may be encountering, which means more than being told what to do because the answers come from you! She gently reminds you that you have all of the answers that you need inside of you, and with her gentle approach to asking provocative and insightful questions, these otherwise hidden answers become visible. Every session brings at least one big aha moment of clarity that feels incredible. By the end of each session, I am ready to take what I learned and apply it to my life with a practice such as words of affirmation or guided imagery. Her holistic approach to healing is desperately needed during these difficult times. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you, Heather, for continuing to serve as a bright guidepost in my life.

"I highly recommend her to anyone who's on the fence about
whether or not hiring a coach is right for them.”

Over the past year, I've had the opportunity to work with Heather and I must say that she's a marvelous Life Coach! Her background in education and psychology along with her rigorous training as a Life Coach creates a unique, memorable, and impactful coach who's able to be 'in the moment' every step of the way with her client. She's able to ask the tough questions in a very approachable way & dig deeper with a client so they come up with more than superficial solutions to whatever topic/issue that they've brought to the session.

Heather excels at keeping her clients accountable and giving them honest opportunities of reflection in a very professional yet compassionate and empathetic way. I highly recommend her to anyone who's on the fence about whether or not hiring a coach is right for them. Trust me, it is! She won't disappoint and you will make significant progress in whatever areas you bring to the session.

Janelle H.

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